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Tony_KodyBy Kody Bateman, CEO and Founder, SendOutCards, and author of

Promptings: Your Inner Guide to Making a Difference

We live in an age of information overload. As Tony would put it, it’s a case of A.D.D., or Advertising Deficit Disorder. His Mind Capture series, which includes two best-selling books and highly acclaimed speeches and presentations, have addressed some of the best business building how to’s of this generation.

The book you are about to read will make it possible for you to take complete advantage of these how to’s. If you have read Tony’s first two books you would know him as a business building expert — someone who can show you, step-by-step, how to dramatically improve sales and promote your business. What many of you may not know is that Tony is a great student of personal development. In this book, the student just became the teacher.

On these pages, you will discover that building a successful business is much like building a house. You must create a foundation before you can put up the walls and the roof. The foundation to your business is you. By nurturing yourself with personal development training, you strengthen the foundation upon which you will build the walls and the roof. The walls and the roof is what people see. In business it is the how to’s — the strategies and the step by-step tactics to generating business. As we know, Tony is a master at training us on how to build the walls and the roof.

Here is the challenge: Most people want to skip the foundational training and jump straight to the how to’s. This is the very reason that most people fail. Foundational or personal development training is critical to long-term success in business. If you build a house on a sandy foundation it will eventually fall. Tony is now taking us on a course that shows us how to prepare our foundation. This is the book that makes his other books work even better.

I have become a great student of Tony Rubleski’s training programs. He now provides us with the missing link: A call to take action — to quit simmering in indecision and negativity, and to become part of a new movement of positive action and constructive solution. He reminds us that now is the time to take positive control of your thoughts, to kick out fear and doubt, and let positivity propel you to the life you are meant to lead and share with the world.

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