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Provocative New Business Book Arrives at the Perfect Time to Help Inspire and Motivate People in 2011

Bestselling Gen-X Author’s Latest Book Designed to Help People Reinvent Themselves to Stand Out in Today’s Highly Competitive Economy

Park City, UT – With the economy continuing to be a daily talking point within the media and around the globe, a new book arrives in early 2011 to inspire and help people unleash their ideas, and talents. In the new book titled, Mind Capture: How to Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Genius in a Time of Great Economic Change, author Tony Rubleski’s central premise is that the power of a positive mindset combined with life-long learning and effective marketing skills are the proper blueprint for those looking to get and stay ahead in a time of great economic change.

Rubleski takes a direct, engaging, and at times controversial route from page one to quickly set the stage as to why more people must understand that in today’s economy a positive mindset combined with innovation are critical to success. “Too many people, including countless business owners are addicted to bad news and still clinging to outdated ways of doing business in the changed economy of the last two years,” states Rubleski. “It’s even more imperative as we start 2011 that people, businesses and non-profit groups wake up and snap out of negative and fear based thinking to re-imagine the possibilities they have for growth or risk being left behind.”

Some of the strategies and ideas shared in the book include:

  • Why building authenticity for yourself and your organization is critical to success in the age of digital overload, massive choice, and instant online search
  • What successful companies and people do differently than those who struggle
  • Powerful mental strategies that top achievers use to stay optimistic and block out fear and take action
  • Seven valuable ways connect with virtually anyone you meet
  • The 10 Mind Capture marketing commandments to guide and inspire you on the path to success and new opportunities

Rubleski, 38, is currently the president of Mind Capture Group which focuses on direct marketing consulting, sales training, and corporate keynote programs. His second book in the series titled, Mind Capture: How You Can Stand Out in the Age of Advertising Deficit Disorder, went #1 within three different categories in August of 2008. In addition, the book was featured as the March 2009 Business Pages selection of the month for Northwest Airlines in-flight global magazine, WorldTraveler.

He also serves as a faculty member with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, IOM program, as an instructor in the target areas or marketing and technology topics for association and chamber executives throughout North America. His work, articles, books and ideas have been featured in many media outlets ranging from The Detroit Free Press, CNN Radio, to the FOX TV network, ABC TV and Entrepreneur Magazine radio.

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Possible Interview Questions for Author Tony Rubleski in Relation to his Latest Book Release,

Mind Capture: How to Awaken Your Entrepreneurial Genius in a Time of Great Economic Change

2010, Lightning Strike Press, LLC

  • What is “MIND CAPTURE”?
  • What do growing companies do differently than those that struggle?
  • You’re on a mission to put the media on trial in 2011. Explain?
  • Why should every person working for an organization or self employed read this book?
  • How are Michael Moore and Rush Limbaugh more alike than different?
  • What’s the #1 mistake 99% of businesses and organizations make in their marketing you should avoid at all costs?
  • You share in chapter 10 a very interesting and unique motivational technique that often stops people in their tracks when they first read it. Please share what the List of Four Exercise is and why you put it in the book?
  • You share 12 ways to ‘capture’ the power of innovation that virtually anyone can use to take more positive action. What are a few?
  • You talk about persuasion nets that impact either positively or negatively if we decide to pay attention to a marketing message. What are a few of them and why is this important to understand?
  • You’re a big believer in the power of positive thinking combined with what you describe as ‘option-based’ thinking. What do you mean by ‘option based’ thinking?
  • How and why should local business and the non-profit community join forces to serve more people and accomplish their goals?
  • How do people contact you to order your book or get more information?

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